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Join us in may 2024 when the new international fair SCHULBAU/SKOLEBYGGERI brings together the learning industry from Germany and Denmark for the first time around good and visionary school construction.

The target group for event and networking SCHULBAU/SKOLEBYGGERI is specifically Danish, Scandinavian and German manufacturers, municipal planners, school managers, architects, authorities, investors and engineers with a focus on learning buildings and environments. The fairs provide excellent opportunities to personally seek out new business partners and concrete working communities.

If you want to expand your business with new partners, start cross-border collaborations or strengthen your brand in the German, Danish and Scandinavian markets, mark your calendar now.

Present your company, your idea, your research or your product at the fair or participate as a guest. You can of course invest in an exhibitor stand at the exciting event for matchmaking, networking and exchange.

The start of SCHULBAU

In 2012, director and initiator Kirsten Jung developed and created the SCHULBAU trade fair. Ever since, she has gathered school building professionals for annual fairs and networking salons in a number of Germany’s largest cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden as well as in Vienna.

“For more than 10 years I have been bringing together architects, municipalities, engineers, private and public developers and investors across national borders around all spectrums of the learning building field. In Denmark and Germany I work closely with C.F. Møller Architects, Danish Architects, BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten), Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft, DGNB, Building Green Council, the major German building authorities as well as with important federations and associations in the building industry. I will continue the success with several events in Copenhagen and I am looking forward to inviting Danish and German professionals from the industry,” says Kirsten Jung who works and lives in both Hamburg and Copenhagen.

She will now share her years of experience in German-speaking countries and create contacts between Danish companies and her extensive network across Germany.

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